Not following the mentioned rules on this page can get your account banned or even deleted.
Rules may be modified at any time without prior notice.
If you got any questions, ask them on support ticket.
Category Rule
Public Chat Channels All rules are being applied to the following channels in-game: Advertising, Help Channel and Chat Channel (English, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish).

  • Advertise your in-game trade items
  • Advertise if you are selling/buying a house for in-game gold/items.
  • Advertise your quest services
  • Advertise your stream service (Twitch, youtube and others)
You may not use for any other objectives.

Selling not in-game related
Selling anything not in-game related is considered as spamming and will result to a punishment*. Example: Selling gold/char for RL money
Note! Taleon is not responsible for any purchase or exchange that you make in or out of the game. If you lose something, it's your problem.

Help Channel
You have to keep in mind that this channel is not for chit-chatting. Should be only used to ask about Taleon and game related questions.
A tutor may mute you from the channel for an hour for any reason, mostly if you are not using the Help Channel for what it should be used for.

Language Chats
In these channels you're allowed to talk about almost anything, but as always, there are some limits. The rules below applies to both channels, but one especially only for English and other language channel: Its channel language should be always respected.
You should better know the following things won't be tolerated in this and almost all channel

Insulting statements
Keep in mind that all intentions counts, doesn't matter in which language it is being insulted, if you hide words like "a**h***" or expressing yourself in a non-verbal way. If someone is tring to provoke you, the only and best thing you can do is ignore that personal instead of responding to him or her angrily. You mustn't take everything too seriously. Low statements such as "Noob!" might offend you, but these are not meant to be serious insult. Well now, sternly insulting statements may lead to a punishment*.

Racist statements
In this game there are players internationally where they communicate and meet each other. Certainly, statements made to insult or mock a certain country or its inhabitants are not tolerated in Taleon. The same goes of course for a certain nation or ethnic group.

Harassing statements
It is prohibited all intentions to harass other players. Above all, statements which are players threatened in real life are highly illegal and will lead to staid punishments*.

Sexually related statements
You should keep this in mind better than anyone that there are children that play Taleon too, sexually related statements is not suitable for them and will accordingly not be tolerated in game channels.

Spamming is repeating identical or similar statements one after another. Example (advertising channel):
Spamming in any game channel without a proper reason, will result to mute. If the behaviour continues, you'll be jailed or may result in a ban.

Talking about BOT
It is absolutely prohibited talk about bots on any chat channel, whether public or private. If this happens will result in a ban.
So do not make any kind of joke mentioning the name of the bots.

Gameplay AFK (Leave your character away)
You may leave your character away, but be aware that if an ADM, CM or GM appears to ask questions and you not respond, may result in a ban.
Note! If your character is doing automatic actions alone, we will consider that you are using bot/macro and will result in a permanent ban.

Blocking Areas
It is also strictly prohibited blocking off an area for over 15 minutes. Abusing this may lead you instant punishment*.

It is totally prohibited to block the quests of the game, as well ask for money to release the passage.
If this happens to you, click on the message of who is asking for the money with the right mouse button and use the report by statement. We also accept as evidence the recorded videos.
Note! There is an exception for this rule during guild wars. If any team decides to block an area, they are allowed to do so. If its being reported, a gamemaster will judge if its rule violating or battle defense.

Trap Red, Black and others
Because it is a PVP world, traps are normal and not prohibited. Be careful when you see some player alone attacking everyone, he may be taking you to a Trap Red or Black.
Note! Be careful because we will not return any items or coins if you die on a Trap.

You are not allowed to run casino in depot, or any kind of games. This rule enforced to prevent depots becoming full. Violating this rule may lead you a banishment of all your accounts.
Note! You are allowed to host casino in houses. However, you should always avoid the "trust" games. They tend to see between friends to look real, but once you trust the player with a value item, they will be stolen from you.

Botting and Macro
Using any kind of bot and macro is illegal and will result in permanent ban.
Note! Be careful with automatic mouses or keyboards macros.

Reporting Botters
The best way to report a botter is to use the in-game "report bot/macro" tool in-game.

This is the most efficent and best way to report a user using third-party program in an illegal way.

Bugs Finding a bug
If you happen to encounter a bug, you should let us know about it.
Be aware that we do not return any items, coins, skills, experience and etc, if you lose them because of a bug.
Read here how to properly report a bug.

Abusing Bug
Abusing bugs to gain an advantage is not tolerated and may lead you even deletion of your entire account.
Reporting is strongly recommended, you can also be rewarded for reporting bugs, mostly for major ones.

Taleon is an otserver, be aware before you play in an otserver because have bugs. We make every effort to resolve all bugs.
In case of a bug, be aware that we do not return any items, coins, skills, experience and etc.

Your Account Character name
It's not allowed to create a character with a name that will break the rules below. If you insist, can result in a name lock, ban or permanent ban.
-Name containing game environment (names that uses names of Npcs, cities and any kind of name to try to stole players)
-Offensive name (names that are insulting, racist, sexually related, drug-related, harassing or generally objectionable)
-Name containing forbidden advertising (Names that advertise brands, products or services of third parties, content which is not related to the game or trades for real money)
-Name supporting rule violation (names that support, incite, announce or imply a violation of the Tibia Rules)

Account Trading
You are not allowed to sell your account inside the game (advertising, chat, help and public channels).
Intentionally trying to sell your account inside the game will result in permanent ban.
You can sell your account, but if you want to sell your account, look for other methods outside the game.
Note! If you buy an account, be fooled or stolen, the responsibility is all yours and not from the Taleon.

Be aware that you must take care of your account, this means that we do not take responsibility if you get hacked and lose your items, taleon coins and etc.
To fully protect your account, use the authenticator via the mobile phone (Use Authy).

Lost account, password and rk
Take care of your account, If you lose your RK, forget your login and password and use any email to register. You can lose your account and we are not responsible for this. You are responsible for your account and have to be with all the correct data to be able to recover it.
Note! We will not recover your account, be aware that it is your responsibility.

Payments/Taleon Coins All payments are automated, if you aren't able to complete your payment, it is more likely that the problem is between you and our gateway, which are not ran by us.

The coins can not be transferred to another character inside the game.

Due to the nature of virtual goods, there is no refund policy for donations. Any kind of refund at payment methods will result in permanent ban.

In-game store If you have purchased an item by mistake or did not like it, we do not refund.
The same happens for the sale or purchase of Taleon coins in store.

Server crash/rollback Be aware that technical problems may occur.
If the server crashes and the roolback happens, be aware that we do not return any items, coins, skills, experience and etc.

ADMs/CMs/GMs/Team Any kind of insult to the Taleon team can result in permanent ban.

Punishments For violating any rules defined here, you'll be punished with ban or permanent ban.

Prison System
If your chateracter is jailed, it will be sent to a prison for 4 hours.
You will be automatically teleported out from the prison 4 hours after your punishment. You don't have to be online during that time.
If you visit the prison often enough for breaking rules, your character will be instantly banned for least 24 hours.